Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Laundry Marker

Our message board.
We are told that when someone calls and has a message, we're supposed to write it down. I have yet to use it. I can never remember, and it's too inconvenient for me. I mean, really? I have to pull out the dry erase marker (and in my family, the marker gets lost a lot. Which means that you have to hurry and find one while on the phone with a stranger), take off the board from the desk by the computer, and write down the information. I'm too impatient. My mother, on the other hand, loves it. We came home from our "give mom a day off" fun day yesterday, and the board was on the table with cute handwritten messages. "Bill, meeting, call so-in-so. Tawny, appointment with the blankaty blank tomorrow. Sister Goates called, needs to talk to Aurora,too". Danni also finds the board helpful, only she uses it to draw pictures and spell her name 26 times. While she was trying to wipe off the old messages, she came across a problem. They wouldn't come off. She informed me of her problem and I suggested that it could be the wet dry erase, so she tried water. It looked as clear as when mom wrote it. My mom came over and inspected the mystery. "You used permanent marker" I stated, knowing the problem. "No, I used dry erase, see" She picked up the marker. It LOOKED like a dry erase marker, but had little mocking words on it that read "Laundry Marker". Even if you write your name on your whitey tightiesand put it through the washer, it wasn't comin off. My dad was laughing so hard, he used Enoch's baby seat for his support. My mom walked away in humorous shame. This is the Inman Family. There is no escaping these kinds of mishaps, no matter how hard we try.


Kristie said...

Anyone know where i canpick up a new white board?