Saturday, August 29, 2009

Premire Stress for College

College applications. Most people begrudgingly get through them or complain. I,on the other hand, love them! Filling out my address 7 times is my idea of a good time. I love coming home and seeing huge packages with my name on it with a university logo. I already wrote my college essay, it just needs editing. I plan on going to IU Bloomington, but I'm applying to 5 other schools (mainly just to see that acceptance letter over and over and over) I printed out a "practice FASFA" form, who practices FASFA during yearbook class!!?? I lecture my friend Danielle about STARTING her essay, or even GETTING applications. Everyone else in my grade is currently chill and is more worried about what they're going to wear at the water bowl party tonight. I take 20 virtual tours of the campus online and sign up for the SAT's again. I join every club possible and talk to passersby in the hall about which college they're choosing. I have bad dreams of coming home to the letter regretfully declining my acceptance into IU. When I go to Target, everything I see I picture in my dorm room. Everyday after school I walk around campus with a drink in hand and blend in perfectly. I pretend I'm a college student just to go back to chores, homework, and early morning seminary followed by, the currently inevitable, High School at 8 a.m. My landmarks for high school ending is: first-Homecoming, next-the Other homecoming, third-prom, and finally, GRADUATION! Can't wait! ! Wish me luck.


Kristie said...

You are going to have a great college experience, I'll miss you though:-(

Kelley said...

College applications...WHAT!!

Yes, I know Danielle needs to start on hers also, but hey, what's another week, right?

On a serious note though, I think you will definitely succeed in college and hopefully some of your dogged determination will rub off on Danielle... :) Be Blessed!