Friday, August 7, 2009

Proactive Ocbservations

I have spent the last three days in my high school. And no, school has not even started yet. I volunteered to help with registration.
I helped per ants,students and families through the process of registering for school, getting their schedules, fixing their schedules and showing them around the school. I spent almost 12 hours in the in the purple corridors yesterday as I ran freshman orientation and again....registration.
Freshman remind me of something. What was it....Oh ya, the reason why people go into counseling.
I had them for just 2 hours. The beginning went great!! Small children amazed by your advanced years. But of course...every child is plagued with the inevitable ADD. You would think answering easy questions, and receiving candy for it, was the hardest chore their parents ever put them through! I yelled many times, said anyone who talks has to ask the next question, and pelted some with jaw breakers. My vice president screamed and at 11:00 we pretty much shoved them out the door to there ever awaiting guardians.
The thing about these particular guardians was that they stayed. It's FRESHMAN orientation, not ACT LIKE WE'RE STILL IN THE 5TH GRADE AND WATCH OVER THEM TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T TRIP DOWN THE STAIRS orientation. Don't you think that when you send your children off to high school they should take big boy steps and make the intense choice to attend a game and candy filled event only with other freshman? One parent even followed his kid with us on the tour.
Maybe he can stay during her lunch period and wipe her face if she gets ranch on her chin.
Whatever the case may be, it made me realize, they have 4 years until they leave their smothers and suction cup fathers. I have 9 months. I can drive to the store, I can apply for college, I can picture my future so clearly. Even though it's not going to be my perfect picture, it's only months away....and it's all mine.


bill said...

Hey girl...what's a per ant? How many perants does it take to screw in a light bulb? If you actually plan on being a PA then check your spelling!!! Ok, so much for the "Old Fart" lecture on spelling..I can't spell very well myself so I had to practice and write it down ten times--"Very Well"-“Very Well"-“Very Well"-....

Kristie said...

Not everyone is as independant as you! Maybe the parents will let you wipe their little chins while their babies are in HS.

JoEllen said...

Hmmmm....I LOVED getting done with High School!! :)